Turn It Off (Season of Self-Care: 7)

Simple, right?


I’ll be honest. It doesn’t always feel that simple. Even if I’m writing, or editing photos, or doing whatever “real” work I need to be doing, and even if there are apps to disable other apps or prevent me from accessing social media, it’s still one big distraction in general, and the time suck I’ve calculated is mind-boggling.

When I feel like I deserve a break, I get sucked into the void, and end up going to bed too late, not knitting a few more rows, not journaling, not reading the last few pages of that novel, not working on my business plan, not…anything real. And, also, I’m generally depressed and/or angered by what I encounter in the void, and leave it feeling less than connected.

The intervention really is that simple: I’ve been putting the phone in airplane mode and putting the computer to sleep, unless we’re listening to music, every night after dinner. I’ve gone to bed earlier and slept better, I’ve done meaningful work and projects, but mostly have felt less drained. More connected to myself and my family. And that’s just in a few days. I may not stick to it religiously, but implementing restrictions on my online hours has reaped benefits immediately. I anticipate my more meaningful and purposeful participation and interaction, both online and off.

Put yourself in airplane mode and see what happens.