Pictured above are west coast woods

the ancestors I left behind to seek adventure in unfamiliar forests

11822998_10205980510886652_1642679583623961146_o   10544308_10203108755534563_8365894434882114635_n

I will always be a stranger here, but I am welcomed

by maple, oak, birch, hemlock, cherry

by lightning bugs, the deep darkness of the winter sky, the circle of life in swift rotation

by the vast extremity of seasonal shift in this northern clime and how I’ve married it to my insides, to my bones, to the lens through which I view the world

by the perfectly imperfect tangle of community we find on a little hill
in a little town
in the shadow of a mountain

11893927_10206046266810509_1720267618277588418_o  11219452_10206215699566222_3723942844354682029_o

Sometimes I feel a bit like I’m living out some sort of Laura Ingalls Wilder fantasy, complete with the despair of loss after much toil, peppered by the happier times that seem to find us through sheer luck as we homestead on what could very well be the most awkward, resistant, unsuitable (yet beautiful) piece of land we could find.

It wasn’t the plan. But, here we are. Sloped, heavily wooded, soil full of boulders, brambles, ticks, and fox dens. Here we dream, and each year, we create just a wee bit more harmony with this place. We’ve got a long way to go. Also, we have day jobs.


Thanks for stopping by. I’ll reward you with recipes, tutorials, poetry and pictures.

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